To become a member (2019)

The annual membership fee is 20 euros (regular member) or 10 euros (student fee); this fee gives you a discount for the registration fees for the bi-annual conference or other AFLiCo activities.

Please complete and return the 2019 membership form (version MS-WORD ou PDF), via email or regular mail, with proper payment (money transfer or French cheque) to the address specified on the form. For your convenience, the MS-WORD document is a form where only the appropriate fields need be filled in or the appropriate check boxes to be ticked.

Important note for US residents

It has been pointed out to us that money transfers are problematic for people in the United States. For the time being, AFLICO cannot accept credit cards; this might be possible in the future depending on the charges for this service. The current solution is to pay via our PayPal account ( Given our tight budget, the charges for this operation (3 euros) will be upon the individual members. So, if you are paying via PayPal, please add this amount to the membership fee.