AFLiCo Lecture Series 2020 (online)

The Lecture Series is a new initiative by the French Cognitive Linguistics Association (AFLiCo).

The Association has held successful biennial workshops (AFLiCo JET) for 10 years now, and the 6th edition was due to take place in Grenoble in the fall of 2020. AFLiCo JET workshops have provided a forum for high-quality research in cognitive linguistics and, more generally, usage-based approaches to language (see e.g. CogniTextes special issue 19). With the COVID-19 crisis preventing us from planning the usual gathering, we have outlined an alternative proposal. Our 2020 workshop will be held online, and the format will change accordingly. We will have only invited talks, and the Series will be published in CogniTextes, the AFLiCo's online journal.

Access to the Lectures will be free and open to all, but registration is required using the form linked below.

Registration form

Programme and abstracts


The last few years have seen a growing interest for Cognitive Linguistics in France, resulting in new studies and stimulating exchanges. After various cognitively-oriented conferences and workshops, it was time to establish in France a more general hub for discussion, which motivated the creation of the French Association for Cognitive Linguistics (AFLiCo) in 2005.

Although Cognitive Linguistics is the main focus of the AFLiCo, the association aims to maintain a constructive and profitable discussion with the various French theoretical approaches in linguistics. In doing so, it will differ from the International Cognitive Linguistics Association (, with which the AFLiCo is also associated since its creation. The AFliCo aims to include French scholars working in various theoretical frameworks and to encourage them to take an active part in its activities.

Mission statement (PDF)

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